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The men of Bollington who served their country in WW1

About 1,050 men who served in WW1 have been identified as having some connection with Bollington. Some lived all their lives here (apart from the war years), others only briefly. Some worked in the Bollington mills, but lived in the surrounding area. You can find their brief personal histories on this site; where they were born, who their parents were, where they lived, how they served their country.

It isn't always possible to make a positive identification. There are two principal difficulties:

The Casualties of WW1 and WW2

We have collected brief details of those who died in the service of their country in two World Wars - about 189 in WW1 and about 33 in WW2. Those listed here had at least some connection with Bollington or Kerridge.

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Most of the historical photograps on these pages can be viewed at the Bollington Discovery Centre Photo Archive, which contains many more pictures than have been used here.

This photograph shows Bollington Football Club, winners of the Manchester Federation Cup in 1905-06. Most (if not all) of these men later served in WW1. The names in alphabetical order are: J Bainbridge, T Casey, S Duffield, C Holt, A Hough, F Hough, F Mayers, L Nolan, T Nolan, W Page, W Plant, L Shufflebotham, H Snape, W Vigrass and T Wood. You can find out more about these names by searching “Served in WW1”.

Scouts at Camp 1913

Nearly all the men and boys in this photo later served in WW1.

army camp

This picture is thought to have been taken at Langley in 1916, and apparently includes four men from Water Street.